Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Willling Sissy Victim


Let me introduce you to Victor who not only bought a pair of my panties, but also admitted he's a dirty little sissy who likes to wear them in secret. The naughty little sissy is married as well, but it is his dark little secret. Wouldn't it be a disaster if his wife was to find out.........

After a long email chat Victor has agreed that it is his duty to let me put a piccy of him on my blog of the little sissy wearing a pair of my used panties which he bought from my website. He loves my briefs, but I've reassured him one of my used thongs will be okay on him because he has a tiny little cock just like my hubby.

So here's the photo of Sissy Victor. Let's hope his wife doesn't find fact Victor I hope she does. Then she will see you for what you are and hopefully cuckold you just like I do my hubby. You won't like it at first but after a couple of times you will realise how it is your role in life and beg her to sissify you!

Does you wife know you are chaining that little maggot cock of yours? I thought your cock was quite big, but when you sent me one of your cock hard, you were nothing but a disappointment.

Hope you are feeling humiliated now!!! You deserve it. When you finally become a real-man (not sure you will ever really be one) but one you use those little balls of yours and admit your desire to be a sissy faggot then you need to start trimming that body hair sweetheart! MMMMmmmmm I love shaved cock! Now this is a real cock Victor!

Kisses xxxxxx



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